August 31, 2009

Getting Ready!

I spent time last week in our classroom. It took some muscle and sweat to transform it from a room filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked to a classroom that is just waiting for you. The slideshow below shows you how our classroom changed over the course of a week.

Now the final touch will be YOU! Can't wait to see you on September 9th.

August 27, 2009

Commenting on Blog

All comments on the blog are 'moderated'. This means that all comments are seen by me before they are posted to the blog.

We 'stay safe' online and as such I will not publish any comments which have last names in either the comment or in the 'signature'.

The class and I would LOVE to see all the comments, but please make sure to 'stay safe' and not reveal any last names.

If you have already commented and last names have been included, I have 'rejected' the comment, so PLEASE resubmit your comments!

Mrs. Sharoff

August 24, 2009


That welcome is not just for you, but for me as well! I'll be back in the classroom, 3rd grade, as of September 2009. My mind is already brimming with ideas, the first of which was to create this blog.

Notice the title -- you can read it as 'a typical third' or as 'atypical third'. Either way, it's bound to be an extraordinary year!

Check back often as I (and my students) share our travels through 3rd grade!