August 31, 2009

Getting Ready!

I spent time last week in our classroom. It took some muscle and sweat to transform it from a room filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked to a classroom that is just waiting for you. The slideshow below shows you how our classroom changed over the course of a week.

Now the final touch will be YOU! Can't wait to see you on September 9th.


  1. The classroom looks great! My son can't wait to start 3rd grade!

  2. And I can't wait to meet all 'my kids'!!!

  3. Hi Jakiaya! I would have posted your comment to the blog, however your used your last name. On this blog we 'stay safe' and use ONLY our first names. If you would like to comment again, with ONLY your first name, I would be happy to 'approve' your comment.
    Mrs. S