September 05, 2009

Some of My Favorite things...

Are you excited about Wednesday yet? I know I am! Are you a little nervous? I know I am! I think it always helps if you know a little something about the person you are about to meet. So here are a few things about me:

Favorite color: PURPLE (of course!), closely followed by green
Favorite candy: Twizzlers (only the red kind)
Favorite holiday: Halloween
Favorite food: Tacos
Favorite number: 7
Favorite subject: Math
Favorite 'animal': Dragonfly
Favorite thing to do: Learn new things on the computer

Now that you know a little about my favorite things, please share some of your favorite things in the Comments below. (REMEMBER!!! Stay Safe and use ONLY your first name.)


  1. Favorite color: Red
    Favorite candy: Stride Gum
    Favorite holiday: Christmas
    Favorite food: Pizza
    Favorite number: 7
    Favorite subject: Computers
    Favorite 'animal': Monkey
    Favorite thing to do: Play Wii

  2. Alex,
    What kind of topping do you like on your pizza? I normally like pepperoni and mushrooms. Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh 'computers' is your favorite subject?!?!? That's great! We'll be doing A LOT with technology (computers) this year. My favorite Wii game is bowling. What is yours?
    Mrs. S