September 13, 2009

The Week in Review: September 9 - 11

Granted it was a short week, but we did A LOT!!!

We took a vote and named our two new 'classmates' (hermit crabs). The larger one is named 'Wacky' and the smaller one is named 'Stripes'. We read the book, 'Hermit the Crab' and found out that hermit crabs like company. Even though we have two hermit crabs, we think that the smaller one is too small to be a playmate for Wacky so Mrs. S is going to get another hermit crab when she goes to the pet store.

We played 'Beat the Teacher'. Using between 6 and 8 letters you have to make as many words as you can and write them all down on your paper. Mrs. S does the same (and she plays to win!). When Mrs S thinks she has all the possible words written down she goes to the board and writes them all down. As she writes them down, she says them and if we don't know what one of the word means, we ask and we end up learning lots of new words. Once Mrs S has all the words on the board she turns around and shouts, 'Beat The Teacher'! That's when we have a chance to tell her words that we wrote down that she missed. BOY!!! Mrs S makes funny faces and groans when we come up with a word. For each word we (the class) gets that Mrs S didn't write on the board we get a point. On the first day we got 7 points!!! Our goal is to get 235 points (that's when Mrs S will host a pizza party for us!). We finish the activity by writing two sentences that each have two words from the board. If the sentence is interesting or unusual, Mrs S puts a 'www' on it -- this means that our sentence will be posted on the wiki!

The first day of school was September 9, 2009. You can also write this as 09-09-09. Mrs S gave us a challenge: When is the next date that you will be able to also write it as 09-09-09. The only hint Mrs S gave us was that it would be a September 9th. If you think you know, write it in the comments below.

Hmmmmmmmm, wonder what the next week will bring?


  1. Hi Ashley,

    Yes, the date, September 9, 3009 would be written as 09-09-09, BUT!!! it would not be the NEXT time we could write the date that way. Try, try again! You're thinking the right way! Good job!

    Mrs. S

  2. EXCELLENT ALEX!!! That is indeed correct. The next time you can use the date 09-09-09 is on September 9, 2109.

    Mrs. S