September 09, 2009


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The first day of school is over and I am EXHAUSTED!!! I absolutely LOVED welcoming all my students to our class. The poster above is what was waiting by the door in the hall (along with me of course!). We only had one 'adjustment' of desk/chair to make.

I read aloud the story, 'Hermit the Crab' -- yes, we have two hermit crabs in our classroom (and I'm thinking of adding another one since one crab looks like it belongs in Pre-K and the other looks like a 4th grader!!!). We learned that crabs need a warm place, a little food, but most importantly water. We came up with some possible names for our crabs, we voted, and tomorrow I will announce the names for our hermit crabs.

Math-a-magician and I showed the class how fascinating math can be. A student had to guess a number between 1 and 31, they shared the number they chose with the rest of the class while I 'la-laed' (I do not sing very well) out in the hall (just to make sure I couldn't hear), then I came back in and simply by telling me whether the number the chose was on any of the five posters I showed them, Math-a-magician and I were able to 'guess the number'. There's a smaller set of those cards on the window ledge. I'm challenging the students to figure out how I'm able to 'guess the number'.

Speaking of challenges, today was a VERY unusual day. Being September 9, 2009, you can write the date as 09-09-09. How cool is that?!? Here's the challenge to my students. When is the next time that the date can be written as 09-09-09? If you think you know, write the answer in the comments section below, or e-mail me the answer -- my e-mail address is on the label inside the green (go-home, go-to-school) folder. Good luck on that challenge.

Mrs. S

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