November 17, 2009

How Sweet It Is

From ATypical3rd

Glancing around my room during snack time I noticed that some of my students were drinking some pretty sugary drinks. And voila! A teachable moment was born!

The following day, armed with sugar, a kitchen scale, and various drink containers collected from my class and some of the other 3rd and 4th grade classes we proceeded to find out exactly 'How Sweet It Is'. My students took turns reading the nutrition label on the sides of the containers, measuring out the sugar on a kitchen scale, and putting the sugar into ziploc bags. Those results are on display in the hallway outside of the classroom and BOY! were they (and I) amazed by the results!

I decided to take the project one step further and sent out a Google Forms (click here for the form) to colleagues in schools around the states (and the world) to see how much sugars were in their drinks. I hope to have the results posted by next week.

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