January 18, 2010

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words - Week of January 19, 2010

Image Source: Flickr.com siavogel

Where do you think these swans are going in such a rush? What do you think the swans are saying to each other?


  1. They are going to cross the rode so they can go to the lake. Run run run Im going.

  2. I think there is a car coming and the swans have to get to the other side. How are we getting over the gate? We can fly over the gate.

  3. I think tha swans are going in a pond. I think they are saying want to cross the road together.

  4. I think they are rushing for a bird bath. I think they are saying lets go take a bath.


  5. Dasany they are in a rush to catch their pray. And they are saying get our food.

  6. I think the swans are going to the lake to meet there mom and dad. I think they are saying we got to hurry.


  7. Brandon. I think the to swans are going to a
    meeting . And one swan said wher late for our

  8. I think the swons are going to the pond.I think they are saying lets hure. Brittany

  9. They want to get across the street. We half to get across the street before that car runs us over.


  10. Jalen
    The swans are in a rush because there winning a race for a trophy.
    The swans are talking about going on a cruise to Bahamas.

  11. John
    1. I think they are in a rush because it's time for dinner.
    2. I think they are talking about i'll race you there.

  12. I think these swans are going is maybe for a swim.

    2. Ithink the swans are talking about is lets take a swim.


  13. Iyana I think the swans are going to the pond. There in a rush because there probably be no room in the pond.

  14. Hello children and miss Nancy. I think you all live in USA, right? I live in The Netherlands and normally I write and speak Dutch. I was very pleased when miss Nancy asked to use my picture of the swans for your story-telling lesson. And what fine stories there are! Are the swans going to the Bahama's? Well, no, that's to far from here I think. They were having dinner eating grass when I arrived to make this picture. They did not like my being there and came to me a little irritated. Behind my back is my car. I knew I could climb in there if they became to close to me. I like swans very much because of their beauty, but they can be quiet aggressive if you disturb their doings. A few meters to the right on the picture there is water. I don't know if there are more swans living in this place. OK. Thank you for the very nice stories about "my swans". See you. Greetings. Sia Vogel